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Adventurer and Motivational Speaker

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In 2006 Rob reached the summit of Mount Everest and in doing so became the youngest Briton to scale the world's highest mountain.

On May 17th 2006 Rob reached the summit of Mount Everest and in doing so became the youngest Briton to scale the world's highest mountain, shortly after his 19th birthday.

In 2003 and with no climbing experience at all, Rob along with school friend James Hooper, decided during their GCSEs at school that they wanted to climb Mount Everest. The seed was sown and the "Gauntlett" had been laid down. After years of relentless training Rob and James turned their dream into reality and proved their critics wrong who insisted that it was impossible.

Not content with this achievement, and still just 19 years old, they wanted to prove to other young people how important it is to believe in your own abilities. This message along with their passion for the environment was enough to drive them onto even bigger projects. In March 2007 Rob and James set off on an epic journey from the North Geomagnetic Pole to the South Magnetic Pole using entirely human and natural power.

One year, one month and one day later they sailed past Sydney Opera House having traveled 26,000 miles, Pole to Pole, through 15 different countries inspiring the millions who logged onto their award winning website


The will to persevere is often the difference between failure and success.-David Sarnoff